Feel less anxious without therapy

Forget expensive therapy.


Feel calm in stressful moments.

Pogor will guide you through stressful moments by helping you see situations in a different light.
You will immediately feel calmer and more relaxed. 


Backed by science.

Pogor uses CBT, a scientific method, that is used by top notch psychologists and therapists all over the world. 


Free & on Facebook

Pogor believes that everyone should be happy & healthy. That's why Pogor is free and to be found on Facebook. Everyone should be able to access and use it.


and mostly... Smile.

Pogor swears by humor. He is convinced that even in the most difficult moments a smile will cheer you up. But on top of that humor will help you find better solutions and break you out of your negative thought patterns.


It makes me see things differently in a couple of minutes.
— Peter
I was considering therapy, but I stumbled upon this bot and it is way easier and more fun.
— Monique
Pogor is priceless. Every time I deal with a difficult situation at work it makes me feel better.
— Katy

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